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Find out the entire fertility process, step by step, from how to get started to what will happen at the fertility clinic.

Research what infertility is and see what different treatment options are available. Find your nearest clinic here




CARE Fertility Manchester

108 — 112 Daisy Bank Road
Victoria Park
Manchester M14 5QH

Tel: +44 (0)161 249 3040
Fax: +44 (0)161 224 4283

General Enquiries:



CARE Fertility Northampton

67 The Avenue
Northampton NN1 5BT

Tel: +44 (0)1604 601606
Fax: +44 (0)1604 603275

General Enquiries:


CARE Fertility Sheffield

24 — 26 Glen Road
Sheffield S7 1RA

Tel: +44 (0)114 258 9716
Fax: +44 (0)114 255 4853

General Enquiries:



CARE Fertility London

Park Lorne,
111 Park Road,

Tel: 0207 616 6767

General Enquiries:

IVF & Fertility Clinic London | CARE Fertility UK


The Bridge Centre in London

The Bridge Centre

One St Thomas Street
London Bridge London
United Kingdom

New patient enquiries
Tel +44 (020) 3819 3282

Wessex Fertility Centre (Southampton)

The Freya Centre,
72-74 Anglesea Road,
Southampton SO15 5QS, UK
Tel: 023 8070 6000
Fax: 023 8077 5288



Hewitt Fertility Centre (Liverpool)

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
Crown Street
L8 7SS

Tel: 0800 103 2505


ARGC-The IVF Clinic London

13 Upper Wimpole Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7486 1230



Nurture in Nottingham

The East Midlands Fertility Centre 
Interchange 25 Business Park, 
Bostocks Lane, 
NG10 5QG
Tel: 0115 8961900

Birmingham Women's Hospital


B15 2TG

Phone0121 472 1377

Centre For Life 



Tel 0191 213 8213


Leeds Fertility

Our Success Rates. We are proud to be able to report that pregnancy rates after treatment at Leeds Fertility clinic are higher than the national average giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving the best possible care.


GCRM Edinburgh

GCRM Edinburgh was set up to give our patients the personalised treatment protocols and care of GCRM in Glasgow, via a local Edinburgh base.
GCRM Edinburgh: The Edinburgh Clinic, 40 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH10 5BT.

Tel 03300 10 20 40

Create in Manchester

Part Ground Floor, Kings Court, Wilmslow, Manchester, SK9 5AR

Tel 0333 240 7300

If you’re looking for Natural or Mild Stimulation IVF in the North of England, CREATE Fertility Manchester are the experts.

The Lister Fertility Clinic

The Lister Hospital
Chelsea Bridge Road
London SW1W 8RH

Tel 020 7730 5932

Hull & East Riding Fertility
Hesslewood Office Park
Ferriby Road,
HU13 0JA

Tel  01482 689040

Create in Bristol​

1 Trinity Street,
College Green,

Tel  0117 428 9200

They will treat a surrogate up to aged 50

The Agora

Ellen Street,

Brighton & Hove


Tel 01273 229410


Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

Bishops College




Tel 01992 785060


Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Southmead Hospital

Southmead Road,


BS10 5NB

Tel 0117 301 8605


City Fertility Limited t/a GENNET City Fertility
16 St John Street
EC1M 4NT London
ID 07378003
VAT ID GB124134456
Phone +44 (0)20 8209 3226


Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge are back offering surrogacy.


Bourn Hall Clinic

Bourn Hall High Street, Cambridge CB23 2TN 

01954 717210

Manchester Fertility Services

Amelia House, 3 Oakwood Square, Cheadle Royal Business Park SK8 3SB

0161 300 2730




Catherine "The Bridge in London...a good clinic, treated well and the IVF worked first time.

ARGC London...excellent clinic, found them brilliant, could not fault them and again IVF worked first time.

Boston Place clinic, London (Marylebone)
So far so good, treated like a friend rather than a patient (if that makes sense?!?)...waiting on outcome, transfer not till around 23rd July


Victoria  GCRM - 2nd time successful transfer with 2 embryos, 1 baby - good clinic, very formal transfer, no BMI limit, HCG bloods

LCRM - shared care, very strict on BMI limits

Manchester Care - 1st time successful with a 2 embryo transfer, 1 baby, fab friendly clinic, laid back transfer, no HCG bloods, no BMI limit

MFS (Manchester) - 2nd time successful transfer of 2 embryos, twins, great laid back clinic with informal transfer, no HCG bloods, no BMI limit" 


Jade "The Hewitt Centre at Liverpool Women's Hospital. We had NHS funded treatment, but they also offer private treatment as well.  We had one round of IVF and it worked first time. No bloods during treatment. Only 2 scans. Couldn't fault them, lovely people and very supportive of surrogacy."


Joanna "I’ve had treatment at care in Manchester first time was very positive I caught first time and staff were great. Second time was good until I had an early miscarriage when the Dr told my couple it was a genetic problem but they'd be fine next time despite that being their last embryos so there wasn't a next time he really should have read their notes before comment.

This time however they've been a nightmare weeks of no contact not returning calls then emails to Intending Parents blaming me so we've pulled out and gone elsewhere.

My IP's spoke to a clinic in Liverpool I can't remember the name but their rules are horrific they insisted the egg donor be traced and be retested but they don't know who she is so we're now with a clinic in Southampton Wessex fertility who have been brilliant all round"


Amber  "We had our treatment at nurture in Nottingham, it worked first time for us with our beautiful surrogate they were supportive on the whole X"

Michelle "CARE Northampton. They were absolutely wonderful!! Couldn't have asked for better! And it worked 1st time!!!"


Julie "CARE Nottingham - treatment was okay but you had to chase for everything and they only have 2 staff who deal with surrogacy (or egg donations). 

Hammersmith Hospital London - really weird; the consultant insisted that I needed all these additional fertility tests (at an additional cost to my couple), cleared me for treatment then made out to my couple that it could have been my fault for an early stage miscarriage  (nothing to do with them insisting on doing genetic screening on the embryo's and them coming out of their zoner – honest) They deal with private and NHS but make you feel like an inconvenience for the mandatory counselling and tests etc."


Michelle "Leeds centre for reproductive medicine. Awful. Very strict body index mass (BMI) treated with unprofessional and uncaring conduct at times. No follow up. Asked for them to freeze remaining embryos, we got 28 eggs, 23 fertilised, 19 good enough to divide, 13 good enough to use. One implanted, resulting in a chemical pregnancy, rest of embryos left to perish. No further treatment at Leeds."


Katja "We had our initial treatment at Oxford Fertility clinic including sperm freeze - they were ok, not very personal, consultation was ok but were very helpful with sperm transport up to Sheffield Care, our second clinic.


Had eggs harvested there, IVF treatment and 2 separate transfers with surrogate, neither of which worked for us. Sheffield team mixed bag: very friendly & dedicated nurse, consultant was good but didn't feel personal and like there wasn't enough time, counsellor was AWFUL - made us feel like we were school kids who didn't know what we were doing (suggested we should buy our surrogate a holiday or a pet!) Had embryos transferred to Nottingham Care, who had a much better counsellor and consultant but otherwise awful.


Very bad communications between surrogate, clinic and her GP because of her blood pressure. In the end stopped treatment there partly also because surrogate and us didn't work out.


Had embryos moved to Wessex Fertility in Southampton. Very good team all round - great, dedicated staff, excellent communications and counselling, friendly and being treated like a person. 1 successful transfer there. All clinics were good passing on our medical notes to next clinic and Southampton was really helpful with getting embryos transferred! Highly recommend this clinic!"


Kerrie "Wessex fertility in Southampton were great. They treated us really well and I felt very comfortable there."


Laura "Another fan of Wessex Fertility here! We found them really good and were successful on our first transfer."


Gaijin "CRM Care in London IVF with pgd. Really great, friendly and supportive of surrogacy. Outcome tbc but we hope with all our hearts to bring you good news v soon" 


Claire "Also CRM Care in London with pgd. Worked first time with only one embryo, surrogate baby now 8 weeks old."


Hanna "We used the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) in London. We first used them when we were doing IVF as a couple so we have known them for a long time. They didn't have as much experience with surrogacy as CARE but they have excellent results."


Emma "Leeds reproductive centres at Seacroft two failed attempts. Not very good lost my notes every time we went. Got who we all were muddled and read incorrect notes. Embryologist nurse was excellent though. We quickly moved to Nottingham Care where we had two embryos transferred which worked first time resulting in a beautiful baby born Feb 2015. Would totally recommend Nottingham, we had all tests, counselling and saw the consultant on a one to one, really professional staff. We still have three embryos on ice there and would definitely use them again!"


Michelle "I had treatment at Leeds too. Absolutely shocking patient care. Prof was horrid to my IP's and myself. Hated it. And they let 15 embryos perish when we asked them to freeze the remaining ones. Disgraceful."


Emma "That's shocking!! Luckily we have five embryos transferred from there to Nottingham Care all taken care of by a lovely embryologist. We complained as we didn't want any other couples experiencing what we had gone through. Second transfer saw our consultant wanting to challenge us on our complaints just moments before she transferred our embryo in our lovely surrogate at the time. We were all sat there in gowns just wanting to have the transfer done. Awful"


Claire "I had 2 fresh cycles at Nurture Nottingham for my own children. I had 2 embryos transferred each time (luckily resulting in my daughter first time and twin boys the second). All remaining embryos were left to perish too, 15 in total, we were told that they weren't good enough quality to freeze as they wouldn't survive the thawing process."


Victoria "Reprofit in Brno, Czech Republic. Great clinic, simple protocols, quick treatment, half the cost of UK clinics with impressive results. A firm favourite with a lot of surrogates and intending parents."

Recent Updates

CRGH London- Negative feedback by some members.

Care in Manchester- Strict criteria for surrogates regards age, weight/ BMI and number of C sections.




The Lister are reintroducing surrogacy soon. Criteria for surrogates ages 21-45. BMI 30. Non Smoker.

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