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Triangle is a splinter group of COTS. Every member of COTS who is actively seeking a surrogate and meets the criteria set by COTS executive committee, automatically becomes a member of Triangle, once they have had their session with our independent BICA approved counsellor. Triangle introduces the intended parents to potential surrogate mothers. However, Triangle cannot give any guarantee of being able to find a potential surrogate. We also have a  Facebook group called Triangle. To join we will require the exact email address you use to log into Facebook to send you an invite to join this select group. Once matched we remove you. We strongly advise you maintain a high profile to get yourself noticed on this Facebook Group.


Once a potential surrogate mother has enrolled with COTS, and they have had their counselling session, the intended parent's details along with others are sent to the surrogate, it is up to her to choose who she wishes to meet. Triangle does not give priority to any intended parent or seek to influence the surrogate's decision. It is purely up to the surrogate in the first instance. If she wishes to meet any of the intended parents Triangle then sends the surrogate's details to them. Only after they have both seen each other's details and they wish to progress does Triangle reveal their full names, addresses & contact details.

Neither Triangle nor COTS can advertise for surrogates. We regret that only intended parents and surrogates domiciled in the UK for the duration of the arrangement will be placed on Triangle's 'active list'.

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