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COTS was founded in 1988 and now has 1,131 surrogate babies born.  COTS is a registered not for profit voluntary organisation. It is run by people dedicated to helping others through surrogacy.


 Our prime objective is to pass on our collective experience to surrogates and would be parents, helping them to understand the implications of surrogacy before they enter into an arrangement and to deal with any problems that may arise during it.

A wide range of practical support and advice is available to COTS members. 

Membership fees contribute to the administration and day to day running costs of COTS. Membership fees include an individual implications counselling session for intended parents and surrogates, a joint agreement session once matched for all parties. For surrogates a DBS check, GP referral letter and blood tests if traditional surrogacy is the chosen path. Also monthly support calls for active members. These fees would need to be higher were it not for the generosity of our members who have given or continue to give donations. Anyone wishing to join COTS please see our membership page for more information. 

Or call the office Tel 0330 772 1549

Kim Cotton
COTS - Founder & Chairperson
marina small.jpg
Marina Bailey
SM Support Buddy
Tel 07340 541586
bethan small.jpg
Bethan Carr
Legal Support
 Tel 01483 401807
Mob 07763527087 
Vicky Parkin
Counsellor (BICA)

Tel 07887 527955 ​

pauline 2022.jpg
Pauline Barrett
Medical Support
Nurse Consultant for CREATE Fertility Manchester 

Please be aware that COTS acts in an advisory capacity only. Our set guidelines have been hard learned lessons over three decades, so it is rare nowadays for a journey to go array. If you choose to ignore any one of our guidelines it will be at your own risk as COTS cannot be held responsible for an individuals actions.

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