COTS was founded in 1988 and now has 1078 babies born. We celebrated our 1000th surrogate birth in August 2016, and our 30th Anniversary in 2018. It is run without financial gain by people dedicated in helping others through surrogacy.


COTS is NOT an American style commercial surrogacy agency. Our prime objective is to pass on our collective experience to surrogates and would be parents, helping them to understand the implications of surrogacy before they enter into an arrangement and to deal with any problems that may arise during it.

Membership fees contribute to the administration and day to day running costs of  COTS. These fees would need to be higher were it not for the generosity of our members who have given or continue to give donations. Anyone wishing to join COTS please see our membership page for more information.  A wide range of support and advice is available to COTS members. 

Vicky Parkin
Counsellor (BICA)

Tel 07887 527955 ​


Corrina Turpitt
SM Support
Bethan Carr
Legal Support
Genette Buckley
SM Support
Pauline Barrett
Medical Support
Nurse Consultant for CREATE Fertility Manchester