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In the vast majority of cases surrogacy can be a wonderful experience for all concerned, but in a few, often well publicised cases it has proved to be traumatic and far from ideal. COTS strongly believe that unfortunate cases such as these are, with care, avoidable.

We strive to ensure that surrogates and intended parents are made aware of all the implications of surrogacy BEFORE entering into an arrangement.
We require that surrogates and intended parents see a support worker before going on the ' active list ' of Triangle. The support workers will ensure that all parties understand the implications of surrogacy and are going into the arrangement with their eyes open.
COTS require all surrogates and intended parents to have medical tests carried out.
COTS insist that all surrogates and intended parents have Criminal Record Checks. This will be explained when our Support worker visits. They will fill in the necessary forms which you need to sign. You will also need proof of identity.
We also provide support throughout the arrangement.
All active surrogates and intended parents receive monthly phone calls from a COTS Support Worker. The Support Workers can give both practical advice and moral support.

We also have Support Workers and supporters that members and surrogates can call upon.


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